Graphic Design

Logo design is much more than a pretty picture on paper. Your logo needs to work across every medium from screen printing to embroidery to stickers to vehicle wraps.

Don’t get stuck with a designer that doesn’t work in the print industry. You’re going to end up with a design that isn’t print ready. Colors that don’t translate. Lines that are too thin. Dimensions that simply don’t work.

Then you’re going to have to call us for help.

Just hire us from the beginning. We’ll make sure everything works for the life of your business.

what you get.

We’re a one stop shop. From concept to completion, we’ve got it handled. By working with us you quite literally do not have to work with any other companies.

We design. We print. We embroider. We print stickers. We print on mugs. We will even print on your baby if that’s what you need.

We do it all.

When it comes to logo design, here’s what you get:

Custom logo design
From concept sketch to finalized logo, we take you through the entire process. We always start with a page or two of concept sketches. Once we all decide on a handful of favorites, we move to vector. From there, we create a black/white version, a full color version, and what we call the “print ready” version. This is typically no more than 4 colors so that it a) saves you money in print and b) makes sure the print itself is going to be clear and vibrant.

Here’s a little storyboard to show you what it all means.

why choose us.

We look at design differently. There’s so much more to design than what typical designers do (and trust me we are far from typical).

The logo we create for you will be print ready and future proof. Colors will be pantone-certified, meaning when you go to print you will get the exact color you’re hoping for. You’d be surprised how many designs we are asked to print that don’t have pantones, meaning we can’t print exact colors. We have to choose “red” when it should be 7620 C.

They are not the same. Take a look at three different reds below. For reference, there are technically 11 red pantones used for garment printing.

Now imagine your logo uses Red 032 C, but your designer doesn’t know which pantones are used in print (or don’t know what pantones are at all) and goes to print with Stock Red! That’s not your logo! That’s not your color!

For design nerds like us, this is a nightmare situation that we see daily.

We also use waterbased inks, which are eco-friendly (unlike plastisol which almost everyone else uses). Waterbased ink is also soft to the touch. I’m sure you have a tee shirt or hoodie that’s super soft and warm and cozy, but the print itself is thick and heavy and itchy. That’s plastisol.

Waterbase is as soft as of the garment itself. It literally dyes the fabric itself, rather than place ink on top of it.

Best thing about this: we don’t charge extra.

No extra charge for a softer print that’s also eco-friendly? Seems like a no-brainer to us.

So why choose us? Because we know what we are doing. Because we spend most of our days fixing designs made by other designers who don’t see the bigger picture. Your logo, again, isn’t just a pretty drawing. It’s your brand. Your future. Your kids’ futures.

It needs to be future proof. Which is exactly what we do.

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