Tees 4 Trees


Trees Planted in 2022

Our mission is simple: to plant as many trees as possible while keeping your body stylish, warm, and comfortable.

It’s no secret the garment industry isn’t the best thing for our environment. We strive to be as green as possible, pushing towards 100% cotton tees, recycled materials, printing using water-based inks, and of course planting one tree for every one garment printed or embroidered.

It’s a big deal. Honestly. It is. Your order of 24 tees is now an order for 24 trees. That order of 500 hats? You guessed it – now 500 trees. You’re thinking about ordering 10,000 tank tops for some summer fun in the sun with all your rad bros? Boom. 10,000 trees planted.

Just imagine that! Imagine yourself flying over a forest, wearing your logo on a tee shirt, and thinking to yourself, “I helped plant this forest”.

It’s something we are very proud of. It’s something you, as our client and fellow earth roamer, should also be proud of.

It’s no longer just about images on garments. It’s about taking that one step farther to leave it better than you found it.

Now let’s plant some trees.

Being that we are locally grown here in Oregon, we will be focusing on the Oregon forests first and foremost. Should you want to donate your trees elsewhere, let us know with your order and we’ll make the appropriate arrangements.

We have partnered up with onetreeplanted.org to donate 1 tree for every garment printed