Screen Printing

Our goal is to plant one tree for every garment ordered.

We use waterbased, eco-friendly inks unless otherwise requested. We believe that we can give a high quality product while reducing our impact on our planet.

If you’ve ever felt a print that’s as soft as the garment itself, that’s most likely waterbased ink.

Tech packs – the breakdown of your logo on garments for print or embroidery. As we design your brand, we build these “tech packs” to ensure everything will work seamlessly.

Complimentary pantones and correct widths are evaluated to make sure what we are designing for you is going to work across all platforms.

Designing and printing is what we do

It’s the attention to detail that creates a great logo that translates well to print. Those extra little touches make sure every little halftone, stroke, and pantone is perfect.

We aren’t just printing pictures on paper: we’re putting your logo, your business, your life’s work out into the wild. First impressions are everything and we want to make sure yours is beautiful.