Uncategorized – Our new favorite color palette generator

Graphic design isn’t just black and white. Yes, it’s important that your design translate in black and white, but it’s just as important that your colors are cohesive and fluid.

That’s where comes in to play. It’s an absolutely incredible color schemes (palettes) generator that we simply can’t recommend enough. Many wasted hours have been spent clicking through and generating palettes, looking for that perfect one.

And trust us when we say that it’s totally worth it.

With, you don’t have to know color theory. You don’t have to guess which colors flow with which colors. The site does the work for you.

It’s brilliant!

Here are a few screenshots from the homepage, where you simply press the spacebar to generate color schemes. These four palettes took seconds, literally, to generate.

Here’s another screenshot of the “Explore” option of the site, which allows you to filter results between colors, pantones, shades, etc. There’s also a “Latest”, “Picks”, and “Best” option to help you even more.

Again, is brilliant. It’s a game changer. Plain and simple. Choosing colors is oftentimes the most difficult part of the creative process. It’s either too blue or not blue enough. Too green or too yellow. Your client wants “royal” but not actually royal, more like “kind of like royal but with more red in it”.

With a color palette generator like Coolors, you can mess with colors and find a gradient that works perfectly. Take the fish design below, for example. Using Coolors, I was able to create four gradients from the homepage – simply press the space bar – then copy/paste the codes into Illustrator. One clipping mask later and I had four individual gradients on my fish design. The entire process took minutes!

If you’re a fan of color theory, coloring, or really color in general, it’s a bookmarked site for sure. There’s even an Adobe Add-On for Photoshop and Illustrator, which lets you save palettes for easy access!

Ah! Stop it Coolors! We’re not worthy!

Now stop reading this post and get to work. Go create something beautiful!