When it comes to designing logos, embroidery is one of those things that is almost always overlooked. We constantly receive logos with lines that are too thin, colors that have no matching thread, and of course the 12-color logos with 25,000 stitches and a bill that’s just as large.

Embroidery needs to be simple. It needs to be readable at about 2″ tall (for most hats) and about 3.5″ wide (for most left chest placements). If your logo doesn’t hold up to the long distance eye test, or the “can it be drawn in the sand” test, you may as well start from scratch.

That’s why we offer a handful of variations with the logo we are designing for you. It needs to be stitch ready. It needs to be print ready.

It needs to be a complete logo from professional designers.

We offer embroidery in all sorts of forms. Whether you’re looking for flat embroidery on a work coat, embroidered patches for your next big event, 3D puff embroidery for your startup, or leather patches for that old school cool, we’ve got it covered.

One of our favorite projects is patch design, so hit us up! We’d love to design a new patch for you.

Take a look at the amount of leather (and faux leather) color options we have available!

Here are a handful of jobs we’ve done. Head over to our instagram for a complete portfolio.