Illustrator vs. Photoshop – Vector vs. Raster

We deal with a fair amount of customers every day, most of them clueless on the difference between vector and raster (or pixel). Which, to be honest, is totally fine. As a customer it’s not your job to understand the process. That’s why we’re here.

The problem is that we also deal with the same amount of designers every day that don’t know the difference. It’s a completely unacceptable ignorance. Vector and raster aren’t the same. They’re not even close.

Stop using them interchangeably.

Stop saying you’re a designer who doesn’t work in Illustrator.

Just. Stop.

Let me explain.

Subaru Crosstrek that we designed in Illustrator (left) and Photoshop (right). Notice how pixelated it becomes as it’s scaled up? – Our new favorite color palette generator

Graphic design isn’t just black and white. Yes, it’s important that your design translate in black and white, but it’s just as important that your colors are cohesive and fluid.

That’s where comes in to play. It’s an absolutely incredible color schemes (palettes) generator that we simply can’t recommend enough. Many wasted hours have been spent clicking through and generating palettes, looking for that perfect one.

And trust us when we say that it’s totally worth it.

Mockups are everything – 3 free mockup websites for designers

When it comes to presenting designs to your clients, mockups are everything. As humans, we are visual learners. We need to see the final product. As designers, we know what a logo or a wordmark or a mascot will look like on shirts, hats, billboards, business cards, etc – but our clients aren’t designers: they don’t know.

It’s up to us to show them the way. One of the best ways to ensure you land the project you’ve been so viciously working on is to present your work in the real world. That’s where mockups come into play.

Below are our top 3 free mockup websites. Hopefully these will help land you a few clients and allow you the luxury of those jet ski’s you’ve been peepin’.