Mockups are everything – 3 free mockup websites for designers

When it comes to presenting designs to your clients, mockups are everything. As humans, we are visual learners. We need to see the final product. As designers, we know what a logo or a wordmark or a mascot will look like on shirts, hats, billboards, business cards, etc – but our clients aren’t designers: they don’t know.

It’s up to us to show them the way. One of the best ways to ensure you land the project you’ve been so viciously working on is to present your work in the real world. That’s where mockups come into play.

Below are our top 3 free mockup websites. Hopefully these will help land you a few clients and allow you the luxury of those jet ski’s you’ve been peepin’.

Mockup World has an incredible about of free mockups. Everything from iPhone to magazines to food is readily available with only a few clicks. With Mockup World, however, you will need access to Photoshop. You’ll have to download the mockup and insert the images yourself, rather than simply uploading them into the browser and letting the internet magic do the trick.

Graphic Pear offers both free and premium mockups. After registering an account you’ll have access to hundreds of downloadable mockups (Photoshop required) to help boost your presentation. If you’re presenting to clients often, we recommend spending a bit extra for a premium membership as the options available are far greater than what you get for free.

(capitalism am I right?)

The Mockup Club is 100 percent free and 100 percent effective. While it may not have as many options as Graphic Pear and Mockup World, everything on the site is downloadable without having to pay money. Which is great for the starving artists of the world.

Side note – if you’re a “starving artist”, raise your prices or get a day job. There’s no need for that. Art is valuable, stop making excuses for your current situation.

I’ve said this a few times already but mockups are going to make you more money.


If you can effectively show your client what their beautiful new logo will look like on the side of a building, you’re going to make more money.

It’s why changing rooms are a thing. Why Costco offers samples. The reason a car dealership lets you test drive a $50,000 sports car despite the ketchup stain on the shirt you’re wearing. Consumers want to test it out. They want to know what their money is going to get them.

Show your clients how great it’s going to be and they’ll be happy, happy hippos.

Now go forth and mockup the world.